Since launching on July 1, 2015, Greater Long Island Media Group has evolved into the fastest-growing community news resource on Long Island.

In 2020 alone, the sites will have been viewed nearly 6 million times.

Greater Long Island has been recognized multiple times by the Press Club of Long Island as among the Top 3 news websites on Long Island.

Our journalists deliver engaging and accurate news to you daily, and we’re committed to breaking even more news and covering things you care about most.

The ultimate goal is to be the island’s No. 1 news resource.

However, a completely digital ad-based mode of generating revenue alone cannot support our goals. Journalism is expensive to produce and, unlike in print, we don’t benefit from newsstand sales.

We have no plans to ever charge for content. We want our stories accessible for all. This not only benefits readers, but also our story subjects, which often include small businesses.

Please consider being a Greater Long Island member. With more members, we can hire more writers, photographers and videographers. As our slogan says, this is news for Long Islanders, by Long Islanders.

So we’re making an appeal to all of you.


Michael White

founder and publisher

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What do I get as a Greater Long Island member?

Members will receive a sticker for their site of choice, insider notes from our editors, emailed deals for local restaurants and other businesses, Instagram shout-outs (if you want), early access to planned events in the years to come, and other fun stuff. But we’re hoping you’ll join more because you want to support quality journalism on Long Island. Cancel any time.