Roller rink OK’d for former AMF Shirley Lanes


The former AMF Shirley Lanes will once again be the home to some rolling thunder, but this time of a different sort: a roller rink.

On Monday, the Town of Brookhaven’s planning board approved a special permit to convert the former bowling alley at 30 The Green for the roller rink and retail space, as well as a variance for the amount of parking.

The roller rink will take up 24,000 square feet of the building. It will be adjoined by a 10,000-square-foot General Dollar.

Peter Parrillo, 51, is partnering with Rob D’Esposito, 49. Both live in Medford, but Parrillo said he grew up two blocks from the future roller rink.

More than just roller skating

Parrillo said that in addition to the roller rink, the spot will feature pickleball — a growing sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong — on certain days, as well as a full redemption arcade, a cornhole toss, the same full-service food setup as the old bowling alley and four mini-bowling lanes.

“I grew up roller skating. All of my friends grew up roller skating, too. And there’s really nowhere for these kids in the area to go,” Parrillo said. “Since we don’t have anything like this in the area, I’m assuming it will be very popular.”

The roller rink, which the partners hope to complete next year depending on coronavirus restrictions, will largely cater to children, but Friday and Saturday nights will be geared to adults. It will regularly have DJs and hit different age groups and themes, like an ‘80s night.

‘Open to all kinds of events’

Parrillo said he and his partner, who lease the space, would like to buy the full building down the road.

“We’re going to try to appeal to every person,” he said, adding that the spot will be open to proms and field trips. 

“I’m open to all kinds of events. Whatever brings people in there and keeps this open.”