The Ice Cream Chick takes over old Herrell’s spot in Huntington Village


Christine Cairo isn’t new to the ice cream game.

In fact, the last place she helped run was a 101-year-old ice cream parlor called Krish’s in Massapequa.

Now, she’s going her own way with a fully women-operated ice cream shop in Huntington, called The Ice Cream Chick.

In July, she opened in the old Herrell’s Ice Cream space at 46H Gerard St., which closed after serving the village for 13 years.

“I worked at Krish’s in Massapequa for 25 years, my brother owns it and he asked if I wanted to make it a Krish’s and I said no; I kind of want my own thing,” Cairo said.

Cairo makes the ice cream herself with an old-fashioned machine and keeps it the same as Krish’s.

There’s a wide variety of flavors on the menu like the classic vanilla and chocolate, Twix-flavored ice cream, the Elvis Banana which is banana ice cream with peanut butter chips, and her own creation and now a customer favorite: Reese’s Cookie Dough.

“The Kitchen Sink” is an instantly popular challenge at the Ice Cream Chick, where one person has to finish a dish made up of 10 scoops of ice cream, two toppings, waffles, bananas, whipped cream, and sprinkles in an hour or less.

Complete the challenge, the dessert is “on the chick.”

The name Ice Cream Chick just popped into her Cairo’s head one day, she says, and she used the name as inspiration for the décor.

“The idea was pin-up girls,” she said. “We worked with what we had and changed it a lot.”

Summer is the busiest season for most ice cream businesses and Cairo said in the almost two months the Ice Cream Chick has been a hit so far in the village.

Scroll down for photos of the newest ice cream shop in Huntington Village.