Wellness Wednesdays: So, what if you don’t like water?



We hear it all the time, from doctors, health coaches, sports coaches and pretty much every health magazines you’d find in the supermarket.

Drink. More. Water.

It’s our lifeblood, quite literally. Water accounts for nearly 60 percent of your body composition and is essential for the growth and regeneration of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Without proper hydration, your body simply won’t work properly and you’re setting yourself up for all kinds of unwanted complications.

But what if you don’t like water? You’re not alone.

Water has never been my first beverages choice, but there are ways to increase your water intake without spending a lot of money. And you can enjoy yourself along the way.

Call it water bottle alchemy.

Using certain fruits, herbs, and flowers can take the benefits of hydration to a whole new level. Infusing your water keeps things interesting and makes your water taste better, which will lead to drinking more of the good stuff and less of the sugar laden, carbonated or caffeinated stuff that we’ve grown so used to.

Before you go to bed tonight. Grab your water bottles and your favorite combination of fruit, herbs, or whatever your intuition tells you. Filter yourself some water and start making magic.

This can be a great family activity and a fun part of the bed time routine so everyone has their own special water concoction for work or school in the morning.

Try these combinations or experiment with your own recipe.

• Orange, lemon, and ginger (improves immune system and blood circulation)

• Cucumber, raspberry, and grape (beats inflammation and fights cancer)

• Rhubarb, apple, and cinnamon (amplifies metabolism)

• Strawberry and lime (boosts anti-aging)

• Pineapple and mint (natural anti inflammatory to relieve joint pain; mint supports digestive system)

Here is my all-time favorite water recipe:

• Filtered water in your largest pitcher – preferably glass

• 3 Melaleuca leaf tea bags (or your favorite green tea)

• 1 Lemon (washed and sliced)

• 1/2  cucumber (peeled and sliced)

• Combine, let sit for a few hours and drink. Super simple. Super refreshing. Super healthy. No need to toss everything when you finish the first pitcher. I will often refill the pitcher once or twice more just to get all of the yummy out of the ingredients and put it all into the compost box when it’s done. Zero waste, 100 percent delicious.

Bernadette is an organic gardener, life-long tree hugger and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach living in Patchogue, N.Y. She offers free 30-minute Health Discovery Sessions and can reached through Facebook or by emailing SimplyNourishedHome@gmail.com.