Who is Crazier: Mass shooters or those who enable them?

by Dwight Wolter |

When I was a kid, Charles Manson was the evil monster unleashed in America. We talked, read, heard and watched documentaries about him for a decade.

A couple of years ago, we decided to gather at the Congregational Church of Patchogue to hold a Candle, Silence & Gentle Music vigil within 24 hours of each mass murder incident.

We soon realized that the atrocities were happening so often, we couldn’t keep up.

Today we mourn Las Vegas.

It seems like only yesterday it was _____. And tomorrow we fear it will be _____.

These multiple mass murders are crazy! Just as crazy would be our unwillingness to address access to rapid-fire weapons.

That man did not throw hundreds of knives down on the music festival audience. And it would be just as crazy not to look at reasons and root causes of our escalating tolerance of violence in America.

Mandalay Bay photo credit Ed Bierman