Good Samaritan reunites Bay Shore woman with long-lost class ring


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Bay Shore’s Glenda León was on vacation in Houston when she heard the first ping on her phone.

What followed was a flurry of Facebook notifications regarding a Bay Shore High School Class of 2004 ring she lost about 13 years ago.

“I had a thousand messages that morning,” she said. “It was so crazy.”

Mark Meyer, a Travel Channel TV Host and professional item re-seller, had posted to the Class of 2004’s Facebook page a picture of a ring he purchased at a police auction.

Less than six hours later, León responded.

“I didn’t it think it would be that quick,” said Meyer, “I thought it would eventually happen and it would take days, not hours.”

The gold ring was especially special to León; she worked while in school to afford it.

“It was $350 and my parents said I had to buy it myself,” she said. “So I got a job a McDonald’s and got paid $50 a week.”

But she didn’t have her prized ring for long.

On the Mother’s Day following her graduation, she was visiting a friend’s grandmother when she got attacked by a mugger.

He held her in place but León was able to fend off her attacker. The assailant fled, but the police took León’s ring for evidence since it had blood residue on it.

“They told me it would take a week to get it back,” she said.  “But when I went back, nobody could find it. I thought it was gone forever.”

Meyer, who has returned two other rings in his career, was wowed by the backstory.

“I thought the ring was stolen,” he said.  “She only had it for six months and hasn’t seen it in over a decade, that’s unusual.”

Earlier this month, the two met outside of Bay Shore High School–with the help of GreaterBayShore–for León’s reunion with the ring she worked so hard to afford as a teenager.

“This is so awesome,” she said, as she put it on for the first time since 2005.

Just watch the touching video above.

Below is the Facebook post from Mark Meyer indicating he found Glenda León’s ring.