New Hyde Park’s Elsie Lane spreads its wings, with Huntington and Bellmore locations


The secret to Elsie Lane’s chicken wings is simple: they’re baked, brined, then fried and served naked. 

The sauce is served on the side, which opens up all sorts of flavor combinations. 

“The wing itself we feel is so good you can have it without sauce, it also keeps the crispiness and people can get multiple sauces instead of just having one that it’s tossed in,” said co-owner Salvatore Mignano. “We do a totally different process than anyone else does and people are taking notice of that.” 

This recipe and serving style remains consistent throughout all three Elsie Lane locations: the OG spot in New Hyde Park, Elsie Lane Wing House in the heart of Huntington Village, and the newest Wing House in Bellmore. 

Mignano’s footprint stretches beyond Elsie Lane — the restauranteur also runs New Wave Burrito Bar and Vauxhall in Huntington, as well as The Leaky Lifeboat in Seaford.

In 2019, Mignano partnered with Bill Oxios and Ryan Sipp to open up Elsie Lane in New Hyde Park, which is a modern sports bar named after Sipp’s daughter. 

“The wing thing came by accident because the place in New Hyde Park had such a small kitchen that I was like let’s just focus on one thing and make it the best we can make it,” Mignano said. “Prepping the wings the way we do was so we can operate out of a smaller kitchen, and now it’s turned into this whole thing.” 

Elsie Lane’s Wing House debuted its second location at 295 Main St. in Huntington in a former Philly cheesesteak place this January, with chef Brendan Banks leading the kitchen. 

The wing houses in Huntington and Bellmore are a slight shift away from a typical bar, but more of a hang-out and takeout-style food spot. 

Each has a hometown dive bar feel, with patriotic and vintage-looking décor.

“We wanted to make it look like a hip, basement-type vibe,” Migano said.

Other parts of the menu are dedicated to chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, shareable appetizers, and more. 

There’s also plenty of craft beer options to choose from.

Sipp, Oxios, Dan Valentino, Banks, and Mignano are all partners who have worked in Huntington and the restaurant industry for decades combined.

For all of them, it made sense to continue to do business in the village. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a storefront in Bellmore popped up and the team decided to jump on it; they opened at 2819 Jerusalem Ave. on June 4. 

The goal for the future is to spread their wings further out east on the island.

“The whole experience is huge for us: the vibe, the music, the craft beers, the food obviously, but you want people to hang out, love the place, and come back,” Mignano said.

Find Elsie Lane Wing House on Instagram, Facebook, and visit their website to order food from any of the three locations.

Scroll down for photos of Elsie Lane Wing House in Huntington

Top: A lineup of wings dipped in sauces at Elsie Lane Wing House in Huntington. Photo courtesy of the restaurant’s Instagram.