Playful pod of dolphins spotted showing off in Moriches Inlet


Warmer temperatures, plenty of prey and cleaner water.

It’s just what nature ordered for a pod of upward of 50 dolphins captured on drone video as they playfully swam near Moriches Inlet.

Drone photographer Michael Busch @greatsouthbayimages recorded the bottlenose beauties last week. He shared the images in an Instagram post, noting that he was leaving the beach and flying his drone back ashore on Thursday when he thought he heard the blowhole of a humpback whale, but instead caught sight of the frolicking dolphins.

“Wow this was amazing,” he said describing his good fortune. “There had to be more than 50 in this group.”

Indeed there were. Check out one of his dolphin videos below.

Busch posted additional footage of his dolphins encounter that clearly shows calves swimming alongside their mothers.

“We saw them all over coming into Moriches from an offshore trip,” @michaellabarbara commenteds on one of Busch’s Instagram posts featuring the dolphins. “Starting from 10 [miles] out all the way until we got to the inlet they were everywhere.”

“So beautiful… Seeing the marine life returning to our waters,” commented @joe.mccune.

Cleaner water stocked with food is the factor, experts say, that is contributing most to the increased presence of dolphins in New York waters.

“We’ve come a long way across multiple decades of environmental improvement, water quality cleaning, better environmental stewardship, better relations, all of which helps the overall environment and then leads to recovery of these systems,” Howard Rosenbaum, a dolphin expert at the Wildlife Conservation Society, previously told Mother Jones.

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