20 Photos: A sneak peak inside The Shed in West Sayville


It won’t be long now.

The finishing touches are being put this week on West Sayville’s next restaurant jewel, The Shed. And judging from’s sneak peak inside the dining room and kitchen this weekend, the owners have succeeded in brightening up the place.

The walls of the spacious 90-seat dining room are whitewashed and feature re-claimed barn wood, the giant-sized kitchen was gutted and is now equipped with gleaming new appliances and cookware, and the grounds feature new landscaping.

Executive Chef Roberto “Bobby” Baez, 36, explained that the kitchen is four times the size of the one at already popular The Shed in Huntington. In June, The Shed restaurant group scooped up the mansion at 21 Main St., formerly occupied by the Bluestone Tavern.

“I designed the kitchen to make it as user-friendly as possibly,” said Baez, adding that the new eatery will feature the exact same all-day brunch menu as The Shed in Huntington, which opened in 2017.

Like in Huntington, The Shed in West Sayville will serve all-day brunch until 4 p.m., before switching over to a dinner menu that still includes “brunch favorites.”

Among locals, anticipation has been building for The Shed’s debut in West Sayville. Owners are looking to open by the middle of the month, said Melissa Sorice, director of marketing and strategic initiatives for The Shed restaurant group.

“From what we’re hearing from people in town, there is a lot of excitement for our doors to open,” Sorice said.

Huntington Shed fans will feel right at home inside the West Sayville version. Aside from a replica menu, customers will notice the same bunny wallpaper designed by artist Hunt Slonem, along with similarities in the dining area’s white-washed wood and the bar decor’s unique blend of liquor bottles, hard-cover books and tchotchkes.

Check out the beautiful updates inside The Shed featured in the following 20 photos. Be sure to click on boxes 2, 3 and 4 to see them all.

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