20 Photos: Sun-Vet Mall’s latest casualty is A.C. Moore


The directories and maps at the entrances to the Sun-Vet Mall still list Hallmark, Pathmark and even Blockbuster Video.

And soon, A.C. Moore will join the ranks of closed businesses on these dated, albeit nostalgic, signs.

A.C. Moore announced this week it will shut down all of its more than 145 stores in the United States, including its store in the Sun-Vet Mall on Sunrise Highway. As many as 40 of those stores will eventually re-open as Michaels, but it’s unclear if the Holbrook location will be among them.

“Unfortunately, given the headwinds facing many retailers in today’s environment, it made it very difficult for us to operate and compete on a National level,” said Anthony Piperno, chief executive officer of New Jersey-based A.C. Moore.

The specifics of the plan to close the Sun-Vet location will be announced in the coming weeks.

The A.C. Moore closure delivers another crushing blow to the beleaguered Sun-Vet Mall. The shopping center has sustained some big hits in recent years, losing anchor stores Toys “R” Us, Payless Shoes and Pathmark, among others.

Pleasantly decorated for the holidays, the mall nonetheless was a ghost town Tuesday evening. More than half of the 40-plus storefronts are vacant, and the vast majority of the smattering of cars in the parking lot were either driven by people shopping in A.C. Moore or women exercising at Lucille Roberts.

Things have gotten so bad at Sun-Vet that a Sun-Vet Mall parody twitter account, @sunvetmall, has amassed thousands of followers. The account good-humoredly pokes fun at what’s become of the mall, posting fake promotions that plead for customers.

Browse through these 20 photos to get a sense of what the scene is like inside Sun-Vet. Be sure to click on boxes 2, 3 and 4 to see them all.

This prominently placed directory at the entrance to the mall still lists the long ago closed Blockbuster Video.

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