Bay Shore is getting its very own beer, brewed by Destination Unknown

video report by Nicholas Esposito
story post by Michael White

Destination Unknown Beer Company is teaming up with the Bay Shore Restaurant Committee to brew a brand-new beer exclusively to Bay Shore.

The hoppy pale ale will soon be flowing from the tap lines of nearly two dozen Bay Shore restaurants — and just in time for Christmas.

Dubco’s co-owner and head brewer, Chris Candiano of West Islip, started brewing this week.

He describes the special Bay Shore brew as “something that will be approachable for non-craft beer drinkers, but sexy enough to be palatable for the craft beer drinkers.”

The brewing happened Tuesday. It takes about 10 days to fully ferment. From there the beer gets carbonated and kegged, then hits the streets.

“It’s pretty mind blowing because we’re a really small brewery,” Candiano said of the efforts. “We opened about four years ago and from Day 1 our problem has been being able to accommodate the growth we’ve had. So to finally be able to get all this beer out, and get everybody the beer they’ve been wanting for four years, that’s something special.”

The idea was born during a Bay Shore Restaurant Committee meeting, where David Prunier from Tullulah’s and other restaurateurs were trying to find ways to help fund the annual events that help bring people to the downtown, such as the Alive by the Bay festival series.

Prunier pitched the idea of a Bay Shore beer as a way to raise funds, and create a buzz and raise awareness of Main Street’s lively bar and restaurant scene.

“What better of an idea than to collaborate with one of the local breweries for some beer to help finance these events?” asked Prunier.

“It’s all about small business helping small business,” he added. “And any way we can create a buzz would really help us all. People don’t understand how costly these events really are. This is a way for us to not have to reach into our own pockets.”

they need a name

Bay Shore’s own beer hasn’t been named yet, and the team at Dubco and the local restaurants are asking for the public’s help.

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The tasting room at Destination Unknown Beer Company, which is located at 1 South Chicago Avenue in Bay Shore. (Credit: Michael White)

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