Argyle Theater in Babylon debuts world premiere of ‘Punk Rock Girl!’


If you enjoy listening to the likes of P!nk, Pat Benetar, Blondie and Avril Lavigne, “Punk Rock Girl!” will have you dancing in your seat. 

The one and only place to see this brand new musical is at the Argyle Theatre in Babylon Village, said co-owner and managing partner Dylan Perlman. 

“It’s really interesting and unique to have a world premiere show,” Perlman said. “Generally, we are doing well-known, established musicals, and to be premiering an original production that’s being done for the first time, it’s exciting.” 

The show kicked off Jan. 20 and runs until the end of the month, with the last show on Feb. 27. 

The story follows 16-year old Angela Quivers, a perfectionist who doesn’t take chances and feels like there is no place she belongs until she meets another teenager, Proxi, who introduces her to the world of grungy, punk rock. 

“It’s for people of all ages, we’ve been asked if it’s appropriate for kids — 100 percent,” Perlman said. “It’s actually been developed to be produced at high schools and schools across the country — it’s a really great show.” 

The local theatre produced “Punk Rock Girl!” with book and arrangements by Tony-nominated Long Island composer Joe Iconis (also known for the musical “Be More Chill”). 

The musical is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Werner (Worldwide Associate for the “Book of Mormon”) and co-arrangements and orchestrations are by Rob Rokicki (“The Lightning Thief”)

Perlman said this production is in partnership with Michael Barra of Lively McCabe Entertainment, who first approached Perlman and his team back in January 2020 about the show.

“They had been writing the musical for probably a year or two years prior to putting together this initial premiere,” he said. “We spoke at length with the creatives who wrote it and we said it makes a lot of sense, it’s based on all this famous music made popular by female rockers of the last 30 or 40 years.” 

Perlman described the first night of “Punk Rock Girl!” as simply “electric” and said it feels like you’re at a rock concert.

“I can finally just be a fan for a little bit and really take it in,” Perlman said of his experience opening night. “The cast is super talented, the music is obviously incredible, and it’s not just that the songs are these popular, awesome songs, it’s how they’ve been arranged and morphed into this story.”

Ticket prices range between $48 to $77 and can be purchased at the Argyle Theatre box office or online.

Perlman added that the theater industry is still recovering from the “damage” caused by the COVID-19.

To be able to put on a show, especially one like this, takes a lot of teamwork and effort, but he stressed that the theatre is still going strong.

“It’s incredibly validating to know that really, really impressive and gifted creatives in the industry are coming together to put together an original musical right here in Babylon,” Perlman said.

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Top photo: Argyle Theatre by Richard Termine