Bay Shore grad steps on stage for the 71st Tony Awards


One Bay Shore grad had her dreams realized Sunday night when she took the stage for an audience of millions during the 71st annual Tony Awards.

“When we rose onto the stage a huge rush went through my body and all I could tell myself was have the best time and take it all in,” said 2013 Bay Shore High alumna, Krisbel Brenes Sandi.

GreaterBayshore caught up with the actor and dancer on Monday, the day she learned of her selection. She was chosen from among 1,400 finalists, but didn’t know what her exact role would be as of early last week.

Then on Friday, June, 9, after a three-hour rehearsal, she met the crew and did hours of practice and camera blocking.

The experience was one she won’t soon forget.

“It was so incredible to walk into Radio City and see the setup for the Tony’s,” she said. “I met lots of friends; we were all incredibly star struck!”

She was even invited to the show’s after-party.

Her appearance occurred around 9:45 p.m., when she and about 60 other selected finalists made their way on stage waving egg shakers during a performance.

“We were told to have fun and watch all the action happen and be really engaged,” she said.

According to Brenes Sandi, it was the first time ever that the Tony’s had fan interaction on the stage — and she was delighted to be a part of the award show’s storied history.

“It was a experience of a lifetime,” she said.

“Truly sparked my drive even more to continue fighting for my dreams.”

Top: Krisbel Brenes Sandi on set at Radio City. (courtesy)

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