Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue unveils new logo, packaging


Blue Point Brewing Company is updating its logo and all of its packaging, it was just announced.

Blue Point was founded 23 years ago in Patchogue, then was later sold to Anheuser-Busch in 2014. The original, locally recognized buoy marker logo from 1998 — which was “refreshed in 2017” — was developed under the prior owners.


In a press release posted on, Blue Point describes the new logo and packaging as a “cleaner, leaner look that communicates its heritage with a pointed focus towards the future.”

Click here for a video unveiling on Facebook. Here for Instagram.

“When Blue Point went through a logo update and packaging refresh in 2017, we were playing catch up to the craft industry at that time – we were still using the original graphics from 1998,” Blue Point general manager Carrie Shafir said in a statement.


“We have always been a company that prides ourselves on being forward-looking and innovative, and with this update that we are rolling out, we are finally getting back to that position.”

According to the video teaser, a buoy still appears on the company’s flagship brew, Toasted Lager. It wasn’t immediately clear if the buoy will be used elsewhere in the company’s branding and packaging.

“We moved into our brand new, beautiful brewery in 2018, which was a huge moment for the brand in that it was a major investment in our ability to brew a lot more quality beer,” Shafir added.

“How we show up on the shelf wasn’t necessarily reflecting that. We needed a packaging system that was consistent and graphics that matched the quality of what is inside each can or bottle.”


The company will be doing a rolling transition of the new branding this month via digital assets and media, and its products beginning in mid-January as follows, according to the announcement:

  • Toasted Lager – Blue Point’s #1 commercial priority;
  • Hoptical Illusion – Blue Point’s #2 priority and lead for its IPA family;
  • Imperial Sunshine – following 2020 launch success, this one moves up the priority list;
  • Spectral Haze and additional brands in-market by March;
  • LIIT, Blue Point’s line of hard tea seltzers released in July 2020, will maintain its bold, 90s-inspired packaging.