Caffè Portofino in Northport reopens with a new look and new owner


After more than a year of being closed, a landmark coffee shop in Northport is back with a complete makeover. And it’s under new ownership.

Yesica Dussan of Plainview bought the place back in October and transformed the café in just six months. 

The brand-new Caffè Portofino opened its doors to the public last weekend, May 15. 

“Northport is known for being so cozy, the people are so nice, I love it,” Dussan said. “I’m a coffee and pastry lover, so I always envisioned a cafe and wanted something modern and cozy at the same time.” 

Dussan is new to the food industry, but says she’s always loved working and wanted to invest. 

The menu includes fresh coffee and espresso-based drinks, teas, sandwiches, paninis, fruit smoothies, bagels, croissants, muffins and other baked goods sourced locally in the Huntington area. 

Caffè Portofino also offers a touch of Paris with bistro tables on the sidewalk outside during the warmer months.

Dussan placed a few boardgames for customers to play while enjoying their coffee, and even kept a piece of the old café, which has been a part of the Northport community for about two decades. 

She wants people to walk into the new Caffè Portofino and feel like they are at home, she said.

“They had a piano, so we kept the piano because everyone was asking,” she said. “It has history and that’s why I kept the same name because I didn’t want to change everything about it.”

Scroll down for a photo gallery of the revamped Caffè Portofino, now open seven days a week in Northport.

Visit their Instagram page for updates on the menu and hours of operation.

Top: An espresso-drink featured on the menu at Caffè Portofino.