Centereach’s Halal Hut is opening a second location, this one in Stony Brook


A new Halal spot is making its way to Stony Brook.

The Halal Hut, a fast-casual restaurant that opened in Centereach back in October, is opening its next location at 1075 North Country Road.

The owners are longtime family friends Daiyan Chowdhury, 23, and Rasif Choudhury, 28.

Choudhury, a Stony Brook University 2018 alum, said the Stony Brook area is the perfect for their business.  

“We are just looking to diversify the lunch and dinner options in the area,” Choudhury said. “It’s an opportunity for us to do something and also serve a purpose for people who are looking for different types of food in the area.” 

Like its Centereach location, there will be a Chipotle-style ordering system where patrons can pick from a selection of proteins and vegetables and choose to have it over rice, salad, or in a pita, and then add toppings.

“You get a bang for your buck and everything is made in-house, we value that part of it all,” said Choudhury. “We want to maintain that as we expand as well.” 

Currently, the new location is undergoing renovations and is about “70 percent complete,” said the owners. They expect to open on the North Shore later this year, either by summer or fall. 

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The Centereach location at 1327 Middle Country Road is open seven days a week, 11 a.m to 11 p.m. 

The fried chicken sandwich on the menu at Halal Hut, courtesy of the restaurant’s Instagram page.

Top: Exterior of the new Halal Hut coming to Stony Brook (credit: Andrew Theodorakis).

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