Column: Updating the progress of Tranquility Within


When is Tranquility Within going to open? I get asked that question a lot.

The truth is, I just don’t know. I purchased the building in June and I had thought we would be opening in September or October. Well that is not going to happen.

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What I do know is that I have been meeting with many wonderful holistic professionals who are looking forward to working with you at Tranquility Within. As of now, I have lined up for you the following professionals: Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Life Coach, John of God crystal light healing bed, Intuitive Reader and a wonderful Massage Therapist. I have three amazing yoga instructors. Our yoga classes will include restorative yoga, beginner yoga, pre-natal yoga, a yoga class for children and traditional yoga.

We are working on seminars including group guided meditation circles, woman empowerment workshops, group vision board workshops, Reiki circles and even a drum circle for kids. And this is just the beginning.  I’m still meeting with new holistic professionals all of the time and the possibilities for classes and seminars are endless.

As for the timeline:

The architectural drawings for the inside renovation are complete and I have my building permit. I want you to know that the Village of Patchogue has been wonderful to work with. The thing is, I received a quote from my general contractor which made my stomach lurch. It was about double what I was expecting. So, this past week I have met with four additional contractors. I need to take my time and make an educated choice about the best way to move forward.

I should receive the quotes from the contractors by the end of next week and then hopefully the construction will get started in September. The project is estimated to take 10 to 12 weeks and then I need time to decorate and set everything up.

That leads me to believe that we have a chance of opening up in December before the holidays. However it will be what it will be. I know this is one more way that the universe is teaching me to have patience. It is a lesson that I have been working on for several years now. I also know that taking an extra two or three weeks now, will be priceless in the end when I have an amazing center to share with you.

I am so excited to get started with all of this. I will be patient, and I know it’s going to be wonderful. I’m really looking forward to opening our doors and welcoming you in. So please be patient along with me and keep in touch. I love receiving your emails, Facebook messages and comments on my posts.

Do you want to see some pictures of what the building looks like now? Do you want to see the floor plan that we are planning to create? Let me know. If there is enough interest, I’ll send out another email with some pictures.

Sending you Love and Light, Peace and Patience.

tranquility wall
Inside the front of 64 West Main Street on Sept. 4. (Tranquility Within)

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