Cream Espresso Bar and Bakery set to open in Huntington this month


A new bakery is days away from debuting in downtown Huntington.

Bellmore-based Cream Espresso Bar & Bakery is opening its second location in the old Crave Café and Bakery space at 260 Main St.

Owner Georgio Hambartsoumian, set to open the bakery in the coming weeks, described the new eatery to

“It’s kind of like a European taste coming to Huntington and American traditional cakes,” he said. “I’m trying to expand. Where I am in Bellmore it’s kind of quiet compared to Huntington.”

The family-run business specializes in Armenian pastries, European-style baked goods and American classics, Hambartsoumian said.

This includes strawberry shortcake, cheesecakes, oreo cakes, nutella cake, which will all be sold as slices or whole cakes at his new place, Hambartsoumian said.

Other tasty selections include baklava, mikado, kataifi and cream chocolate cake. Hambartsoumian suggested that patrons will be able to come in and order custom cakes, as well.

Cream Bakery first opened at 2455 Jerusalem Ave. in North Bellmore five months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Hambartsoumian said.

He closed for nearly six months during lockdown, but once he reopened and gained some more publicity, business picked up quite a lot.

Hambartsoumian said his product speaks for itself and he believes his business will blow up even more when located amid the hustle and bustle of Huntington.

“I’m here to pump out baked goods, and that’s what I want to be known for,” he said. “I know once [the community] tries the product, it’s going to be leaving everyone speechless.”

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Top: Exterior of Crave Bakery, which is now becoming Cream Espresso Bar and Bakery.