Fundraiser launched to help Pat-Med students’ Senior Prom on Main St.

Ward Melville Senior Prom

Plans for an epic, one-of-a-kind Senior Prom on Main Street for Pat-Med’s Class of 2021 are taking shape for June 21. But the students need our help.

So and the Greater Patchogue Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, teamed up to help coordinate fundraising efforts through The goal is to raise $10,000.

In a prior report, Mayor Paul Pontieri threw his full support behind the prom idea, given that this particular class of Pat-Med students has very few cherished memories from the past year due to COVID-19.

‘We have the opportunity to give them a memory that’s different from everybody else’s,” Pontieri had said. “We can put something together that brings the Patchogue and Medford communities together, and make something great for these kids.

“We’ll do whatever we can that’s within our realm to make this the most memorable experience of their senior year.”

Tap below to learn more, and to donate.

Here are excerpts from the gofundme post:

Throwing a prom in a public space comes with additional estimated costs that will far exceed ticket sales.

This includes a professional security detail that will amount to about $2,500, as well as exterior lighting, another $3,000. Then there are the families in need of assistance for tickets, attire, hair and nails ($3,300 total).

The total estimated amount needed is $8,800 but we’ve set our goal at $10,000 to help ensure everything is covered.

So let’s rally for these kids, for at least one special night to remember.

Top: A scene from the Three Village 2018 Senior Prom.

Credit: Andrew Theodorakis/Yellow House Images