They’re falling in love at That Meetball Place, then marking milestones


That Meetball Place in Patchogue might be known as a party spot for the youth.

But here’s the thing about the youth:

They are not young long.

“We see this all the time,” said executive chef Tom Fazio. “People bump into each other at That Meetball Place, exchange numbers or whatever, and then they’ve been dating five, six years …”

“Now they’re looking to have their engagement party here.”

Then the bridal shower. Then the baby shower.

It’s the emotional connection, and That Meetball Place has been developing a pipeline of sorts in Patchogue to fill their back catering space at 52 West Main Street.

If they keep it up, soon they’ll be hosting that many more retirement parties.

“This building is so versatile; there’s something for everybody here,” said catering director Maresa Crecca. “It allows people to enjoy themselves at different stages of life. It’s also so cute to see.”

That Meetball Place now wants everyone in on their well-kept secret among alum:

This 50-person spot on Main Street is the perfect space to customize your own private event, be it a birthday party, communion reception, bridal or baby shower.

“You can reimagine the space to whatever you’re going for and we will help,” Fazio said. “It all starts from sitting and talking and figuring out your needs, then we plan and execute.

“The words, ‘we can’t do that’ do not exist here,” he assured.

TMP offers buffets, plated dinners or their most popular option for showers: champagne brunch. Dinner party packages are three hours and start at $35 per person. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

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