Inside look at the three-in-one ice cream, coffee, and matcha shop now open in Smithtown


Two cousins, Rosemarie Uzun and Cinderella Uy, are debuting their three-in-one food concept in Smithtown today: Matcha Tea in Heaven, Blue Bean Café, and Bubble Waffle Ice Cream. 

The three-in-one food establishment at 52 North Country Road is hosting its grand opening today at 1 p.m.

The space is a completely revamped former lumber yard transformed into a modern, industrial farmhouse café offering ice cream, coffee, and matcha.  

Every inch of Uzun and Uy’s business is Insta-worthy.

When walking into the building, the first half of the space is the Blue Bean Café and Matcha Tea in Heaven, which serves house-made coffee and other drinks.

Matcha Tea in Heaven will serve USDA-certified, organic matcha imported from the birthplace of the green tea powder — Uji in Kyoto, Japan. 

The third component of the business is the bubble waffle ice cream shop.

The bubble waffle originated in Asia and is made out of egglets. The cone itself is made out of an egg batter, placed into a bubble waffle maker, and voila; you have a bubble waffle cone that’s crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside. 

When putting together a bubble waffle cone, customers choose an ice cream base made in-house and then the mix-ins, like cereal, fruit, granola, chocolate, and more. 

The flavors are infused with a drill-like tool, rather than just putting the add-ons all on top. For example, if someone wants strawberry ice cream, it would be vanilla ice cream-based and strawberries infused. 

“This is fun for us and I have an amazing partner,” Uzun said in a previous report. “We are so blessed to have each other, it made the whole process very easy and we compliment each other — this is a family business, two full-time moms juggling between home and the business, and we want people to think about that.” 

Scroll down for 30 photos taken by Yellow House Images of Matcha Tea in Heaven, Blue Bean Café, and Bubble Waffle Ice Cream, now open in Smithtown.

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