Ketchup on your bacon, egg and cheese? Poll shows Long Islanders are split 50/50


What’ll it be, boss? Ketchup or no ketchup?

When it comes to whether or not to slather ketchup on their bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, Long Islanders are split right down the middle.

Half of the 3,400-plus folks who have responded this week to an informal Reddit poll on the subject voted “Yes, it’s a Must.” The other 50 percent said “Absolutely Not.”

“Hilarious this is about 50/50 and that’s exactly how my household is split on the issue,” redditor BeesVBeads said in the comments section of the poll, which posted on Tuesday in The Laaawnguyland sub-reddit r/LongIsland.

Officially, the Reddit poll question goes like this: “I want to know where Long Island stands—does ketchup belong on a Bacon, Egg + Cheese?” And voters get just the above two choices.

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poseidondieson left no doubt how they voted: “F—s the whole thing up. Nothing worse than opening a sandwich to find what can’t be fixed!!”

And xnerdyxrealistx agreed.

“It takes over the entire flavor of the sandwich for me. It makes the whole thing taste like ketchup,” xnerdyxrealistx commented. “I like to taste the sharp cheddar, salty bacon, and umami egg.”

walker_paranor countered that “I’ve never once felt like I couldn’t taste the other ingredients when ketchup is added.”

“Quite frankly I find that insane,” they continued. “Maybe there’s something we’re missing here and some people’s palettes are overly sensitive to ketchup?”

Strat0BlasterX took the all-caps route to affirm “KETCHUP SALT AND PEPPER OR DIE.”

A number of commenters were torn on which way to vote. Case in point, Philimomo, who commented, “I voted yes, but sometimes I abstain!”

Many of the redditors commenting said forget the ketchup, and instead, “pass me” the hot sauce.

Flimsy-Long-5764 got 15 thumbs ups for commenting “hot sauce only, ketchup is tomato candy.” And CityofEvil out of Kings Park said bring on the condiments, posting “Spk extra hot sauce.”

There’s still time to weigh in. The poll will stay open until around midnight Thursday.

Photo credit: Nick Esposito