Letter to the editor: Pattersquash Creek Civic’s 7 points of concern

Neighborhood Road

Dear residents,

Our Tri Hamlet deserves the following:

  • We want funding support for a sewer line extended into the business district of Mastic Road and Neighborhood Road.
  • We ask that representatives from all levels of government meet on a regular basis to address our issues. We want representatives to work together to identify priority issues and focus their collective efforts to get projects done.
  • We want New York State representatives to fund schools’ mandated programs to keep taxes down.
  • We ask whether New York State will continue to give the $1 million granted as part of the Mastic Beach Dissolution Plan? What is the town’s plan for use of the money?
  • We want to know the timetable for implementing Dormitory Authority of the State of New York projects slated to address flooding in Mastic Beach post-Hurricane Sandy?
  • We are concerned about the town’s willingness to allow parts of Riviera Drive to go unmaintained and eventually abandoned.
  • We ask for support in addressing pollution caused by Track gas station

Frank Fugarino
Pattersquash Creek Civic Association