Live art performance happening in Patchogue this Friday


A live art performance will take place on Patchogue’s Main Street this Friday.

An ensemble of nine is performing “Car: In Patchogue” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Capital One Plaza downtown.

Steered by artist Divyamaan Sahoo, a car will be broken down at the big plaza as a symbol of life moving in and out of consciousness and tempo.

The performance is a “philosophical experiment in temporality,” says Randolph Dible, a philosophy professor at St. Joseph’s College and one of the organizers of the event.

“I think it’s cool that their car broke down because that’s the kind of stuff that befalls those who have the hubris to create art as if they are gods,” Dible said. “Starving artists. An experiment in temporality. Car breaks down.”

Sahoo is a puppeteer, performing artist, and topologist. According to the Festival VI website, the motivation behind this project is to “remember or piece together a dream.”

“[A dream] that features my old beater car moving along on a long empty stretch at an ambiguous speed either 70 mph or at a slow tempo,” Sahoo said on the website. “I cannot seem to remember which (the two are indistinguishable in my memory); slowly, however, the car “explodes,” and its various parts expand outward (dream unfinished).”

​Sahoo’s strategy is using his car as a primary source of material for the performance piece while recalling dreams and various memories of “enduring long-distance drives while working various odd jobs in the United States.”

His performance ensemble consists of circus folk, puppeteers, dancers, musicians, and filmmakers who meet once a week to practice typical “pedestrian” movements in a slow tempo.

Many of the artist’s “Car” performances resemble the Futurism art movement — the symbol of a car in conjunction with the expression of speed symbolizes the obsession with motion and technological advancement.

Below is an example of one of Sahoo’s public performances in Chicago.

Visit the official Facebook event page for more about this demonstration coming to Patchogue this Friday.

Top: Screenshot of Youtube performance of Car: Critique Week, provided by the Facebook Patchogue event page.