Lotto: East Northport man wins ‘$1,000 a Week For Life’


Henry Miller’s lucky number selections just won him $1,000 A Week For Life.

The East Northport resident claimed his second prize from the April 9 New York Lottery’s CASH4LIFE drawing. 

“I won $2,500 on this same game in 2018,” the winner said

The winning ticket was purchased at KHVP located at 265 W. 37th St. in Manhattan.

All CASH4LIFE players who match the first five selected numbers are guaranteed a minimum prize of $1 million in 19 annuitized payments following the initial windfall. 

Miller chose to receive his prize in a single, lump sum payment of $651,004 after required withholdings.

Visit the New York Lottery website for more information on Miller’s win. 

Top: NY Lotto Winner Henry Miller, courtesy of the New York Lottery website.