Marine officers rescue three wayward swimmers from Great South Bay near Bayport


Three swimmers with one life jacket between them were rescued early this morning by Suffolk marine cops in the Great South Bay near Bayport.

Michael Fusco, Toni Arango and Leo Lopez-Garcia had been in the water for three hours when Police Officers Shane Parker, Robert Mroczkowski and Michael Haggerty aboard Marine Kilo discovered the trio, a mile away from the boat they had been riding in. Only Lopez-Garcia was wearing a floating device, police said.

Cops explained that Fusco, 33, of Patchogue; Arango, 28, of North Massapequa; and Lopez-Garcia, 28, of Huntington Station had gone swimming and drifted away from the 22-foot Grady White boat. The three were taken onboard Marine Kilo and brought to shore near Brown’s River Road in Sayville, where they were evaluated by rescue teams.

Cops initially learned of the missing swimmers when Michelle Fusco, 25, of Patchogue, called 911 about 2 a.m. to report she was on the boat near Bayport and three other passengers were missing. Marine X-ray, with Police Officers William Houst, John Mullins, and Steve Squires onboard, searched the area and located the boat a mile off shore.

The Bayport Fire Department, U.S. Coast Guard and a coordinator from Suffolk County Fire Rescue assisted in the search, along with Aviation Section officers in a police helicopter. The three patients were treated and released by Sayville’s Community Ambulance Company at the Land’s End Marina on Brown’s River Road in Sayville.