McDonald’s McRib returns on Halloween for its next ‘farewell tour’


We’ve heard this before. McDonald’s McRib sandwich is coming back!

The fast food giant announced today that its latest McRib Farewell Tour kicks off Oct. 31. The boneless pork favorite will then remain on the menu until bidding its alleged final goodbye on Nov. 20.

The comings and goings of the tangy barbecue slathered sandwich have been happening for decades, dating back to when the McRib debuted in the United States in 1981. Over the years, it has become perhaps McDonald’s most famous limited time offer.

The sandwich had a limited nationwide comeback for the McRib in late 2020. That came after an eight-year hiatus. It was also briefly on the menu last fall. Click here to see where you can find the McRib on Long Island.

“Get one while you can because this is the McRib Farewell Tour,” McDonald’s urges on its website. “Enjoy our famous pork sandwich as if it’s your last!”

The 520-calorie McRib also includes pickle and onions and is served in a toasted bun.

Top photo: McDonald’s McRib