Parking will be free in Bay Shore’s back lots until 6 p.m. on weekdays


Parking will soon be free until 6 p.m. in downtown Bay Shore’s back parking lots, Islip Town officials announced Friday.

That’s the biggest among other changes outlined at a press conference Friday at the Bay Shore train station.

The free daytime parking will go in effect within the coming weeks, officials said.

“[The parking meter program] is new and fluid with a lot of room for improvements,” said Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron.

Other tweaks to the parking meter program announced at a press conference Friday include:

  • Some free parking spaces in Lot B, south of Mechanicsville Road and east of Smith Avenue
  • Free employee spots behind the Boulton Center
  • Installation of shelters at pay stations to shield people from inclement weather

Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter also discussed ongoing beautification and security measures being taken at the station that she said is happening thanks to the parking meters revenue.

A new irrigation system is coming, as well as upgraded security cameras, Carpenter said.

Sunday paid parking is staying in place starting at 1 p.m. in Bay Shore, and no changes are being made to the Main Street and downtown side street metering program.

Business owners like Maria Negron of Pride Embroidery said the meters on Main Street have been a help for her businesses.

“It’s been a tremendous benefit to my store,” said Negron. “Now [customers] can park, and if they don’t have change I give them the quarter because the are going to spend more than that.”

Carpenter said this is just the beginning of changes in an effort to find a best-case scenarios for residents, visitors and business owners alike.

“We are in this together,”  she said. “We don’t have all the answers, the community doesn’t have all the answers, but if we work together we will get there.”

Paid parking in the back lots went into effect last month and resulted in outcry from people in Bay Shore, several dozens of which  showed up at a recent Town Board meeting to complain about the program. Click here for prior Bay Shore meter coverage.

Earlier this year, the Town of Islip posted an FAQ guide to help locals and visitors navigate the metered parking, along with a map and key detailing the parking rules.

Photo: Angie Carpenter (at podium) and others at Friday’s press conference. (Nicholas Esposito)