‘Million Dollar Quartet’ hits the stage at Argyle Theatre


Argyle Theatre is rocking and rolling with the first show of its 2019-20 main-stage lineup.

On Thursday, the Babylon Village playhouse kicked off its second season with Million Dollar Quartet, the true story of when fate brought musical legends Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together in 1956.

“There is a great arc to this show,” said Mark Perlman, co-owner of the theater. “The first act is everyone comes together while teasing each other, then it gets more intense with conflict, and the end just blows everyone away.”

One of the highlights of the show, says Perlman, is the actors will be performing their music live.

“We don’t have an orchestra in this case because all of our actors are musicians in this case,” he said. “They are rocking out and the music is electric, and a lot of really famous old music.”

Some of those classics include “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever” and “Walk the Line.”

The production will be running at 34 West Main Street until Sunday, June 23.

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Top: “Million Dollar Quartet” being performed at the Argyle Theatre in Babylon Village (Credit: Facebook.)