The new Cocomotion blends yoga with other fitness techniques in Patchogue


Coco Teodoro has been a yoga instructor for the last seven years. But it wasn’t until somewhat recently that he began thinking about opening up his own studio.

He believed strongly that something was missing — even in the already popular and crowded field of yoga.

“A lot of these studios I’ve worked in had bad habits and atmospheres,” said TeodoroSo he got moving. His Cocomotion studio — which featured a completely different way to approach yoga — opened in Miller Place on Oct. 31, 2015.

“It was challenging at first to start a business,” said Teodoro. “But once they started seeing what we did, they loved us.”

That love has helped launch a second Cocomotion location at 78 Terry Street in Patchogue.

What makes Cocomotion different from more traditional studios is its blend of yoga with pilates, plyometrics and Crossfit-style fitness techniques.

“We help people become stronger and live longer,” said Teodoro. “We’ve helped people who couldn’t tie their own shoes.”

Among the people who started to take notice of this new form of yoga at Cocomotion was Jason Kenul, 40, of Patchogue.

Kenul says he spent his entire life working out. He wrestled in his early years and got involved in Crossfit more recently. Still, something wasn’t right.

In his late 30s, his body started breaking down, to the extent he couldn’t even touch his toes.

Then he joined Cocomotion.

“This is the most complete thing I’ve ever done to my body,” said Kenul. “It reverses all the abuse that I’ve put on my body.”

After a few months of classes, Kenul regained his strength, and soon became partners in Cocomotion’s second venture.

On Jan.1, Teodoro and Kenul opened their new, 600-square foot location in Patchogue together.

The studio holds up to 24 people per class.

“I wasn’t hesitant,” said Kenul,”This is something I believe can change the community.”

Cocomotion runs four classes Monday through Friday, three classes on Friday, and one morning session on both Saturday and Sunday.

Currently, the studio uses seven different instructors of all different backgrounds.

Jeanine Donohue, Teodoro and Kenul’s newest instructor, said working at Cocomotion is unlike any place she’s ever taught.

“We are not creating a space where we are telling people how to be and what to look like.” she said.

“There are no mirrors here and we don’t judge anyone.”

“We exist to move you,” says Teodoro.

“Because,” he added, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.”

Top: Coco Teodoro and Jason Kenul in their Patchogue studio. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)