New menu items alert: What’s cooking at Toast Coffeehouse in Patchogue


Toast Coffeehouse in Patchogue is always keeping ahead of the brunch game on Long Island.

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That means a steady stream of specials and new menu items. And we’re here to keep you abreast on the latest.

Here are five of the new items to try in Patchogue. Included are offerings from Toast’s new quesadilla options and its vegan menu, as well as the elevated chicken and waffles, and the classic steak and eggs dish that’s finally available at Toast Coffeehouse.

Then, there’s the Brooklyn French toast. If you love cheesecake, you’re going to want to keep reading.

La Mesa Quesadilla

Recent visitors to Toast might have noticed the new quesadilla dishes available. Originally created by some hungry kitchen staffers, with no intention of offering to customers … the nerve.

They just liked making them for themselves on their breaks, the owners say.

“They kept turning our sandwiches into quesadillas,” said John Ceravino of Toast. “So, I guess they were on to something because they’ve been a hit for lunch.”

The La Mesa Quesadilla, pictured above, is grilled and stuffed with chicken bacon, onions, white cheddar and avocado ranch dressing,

Brooklyn French toast

It’s called Brooklyn French Toast because of the Brooklyn cheesecake that’s pressed between two pieces of French toast.

“It is the ultimate decadence, dessert for breakfast,” Ceravino said. “You can’t go wrong with cheesecake and French toast.

The Buddha Bowl

This is brand-new to the new Toast vegan menu and it’s selling like, well, hot cakes. It’s kale- and edamame-based with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and more, along with a sesame ginger dressing.

“It’s vegan, and it’s also good for those looking for a light lunch,” said Toast’s Terence Scarlatos. “And, you could add chicken or steak if you wanted.”

Tennessee chicken & waffles

Toast wasn’t about to sit around and let everyone else have fun with chicken and waffles.

What has resulted is the pinnacle of Toast excellence — and Ceravino’s personal favorite — in the form of Tennessee chicken and waffles.

Chicken and waffles have been taking over the brunch scene. Here’s what separates Toast from the rest; The spicy, crunchy and juicy honey fried chicken is paired with cinnamon sugar sweet potato waffles.

‘It is the perfect balance of sweet and savory,” Ceravino says.

Steak & Eggs

“We’ve always had the steak sandwich, and I never thought it would be a big seller but it sure is,” Scarlatos said.

But steak-for-breakfast lovers were clamoring for good ole’ steak and eggs. The dish has shot right to the top.

What you’ll get is two organic farm fresh eggs and hanger steak cooked to your liking, served with home fries and a nice, big homemade biscuit.

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photos by Satin Widrow