One million oysters have now been planted into Bellport Bay


One million oysters.

That’s how many have now been planted into the Bellport Bay as part of an ongoing revitalization program by Brookhaven Town and Friends of Bellport Bay to improve the water quality of the bay.

This number was reached on Sunday when 50,000 oysters were placed into the bay, mostly with the help of volunteers at the Friends of Bellport Bay.

The Friends of Bellport Bay is a not-for-profit organization that was created to help improve the water quality of Bellport Bay with education and strategies.

This project, which began five years ago, aims to restore the shellfish’s population, which used to be in abundance in this area.

Both oysters and shellfish are integral in this body of water because they filter algae in turn increasing the clarity and overall quality of the water.

“These shellfish, once matured, also provide shelter for other small organisms which entice larger fish to the area, promoting biodiversity in the bay,” reads a statement from the town.

Brookhaven Town councilman Michael Loguercio was on hand at the Bellport Dock to celebrate the feat of planting the millionth oyster.

“Our waterways are a very important resource and we should continue the hard work of doing all we can to protect them,” he said. “I know the Town of Brookhaven is very happy to continue working with such passionate people who are great environmental stewards.

“Thank you once again to our friends and partners with the Friends of Bellport Bay.”

Top: Brookhaven Town councilman Michael Loguercio at the planting of the 1-million oyster in Bellport Bay (courtesy)

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