Toresco & Simonelli in West Islip is taking new clients, settling cases remotely


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It’s business as usual for the husband-and-wife legal team John Toresco and Gina Simonelli and their staff in West Islip at Toresco & Simonelli.

That means settlements are coming in, family legal issues are still being worked out, and new clients are coming on board.

Except everything is being done remotely through DocuSign, video conferencing and good old fashioned phone calls.

“You can sign up with a lawyer over the phone,” said partner Gina Simonelli. “And even though the courts are closed, the vast majority of cases are settled out of court. The insurance companies are still up and running, too; they’re all working remotely. We’ve settled three cases today.”

For Simonelli, a personal injury attorney, she says her advice is the same for anyone who gets hurt: take photos of the scene, report the incident to the police, get cell phone numbers or statements from witnesses, and call Toresco & Simonelli as soon as possible.

“If anyone does get into, say, a car accident and they’re afraid to go to an attorney’s office, they can call us and we can set them up remotely,” she said. “There will be no delay to your case.”

She said Toresco & Simonelli is ahead of the curve when it comes to communications technology, and staffers being able to work remotely.

“Our first priority is the health and well being of our staff and clients,” she said. Toresco & Simonelli is located at 361 Union Boulevard. Click here to visit their website or call 631-518-6410.

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