Parkville Plaza Delicatessen reopens in Sayville after a two-year rebuild


After two-and-a-half years of restoring the beloved deli, the Parkville Plaza Delicatessen in Sayville has reopened its doors.

The delicatessen has provided breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering services at 154 Lakeland Ave. for four decades. A storm in 2019 caused an electrical fire that destroyed most of the store, forcing its closure.

During that devastating time, the Sayville community wrapped their arms around the business and offered support in any way they could. This included the Sayville, West Sayville and Holbrook fire departments, the Sayville Civic Association, the Sayville Moms and Dads group and others.

Construction began in June 2020 and this week owners announced its revival in Sayville.

“Parkville Plaza Deli is finally back open for business,” the Facebook post reads. “Hope to see you all!”

Feature photo: Outside of Parkville Plaza Delicatessen.