Popular Bayport music teacher Jack Licitra releasing ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ album


When it comes to releasing CDs, “Faith, Hope, Love” is hardly Jack Licitra’s first rodeo.

This one though is about the students, said the popular Bayport music instructor.

“I was feeling inspired by so many of the awesome kids I get to teach every day,” said Licitra, 47, who owns South Bay Arts Pharmacy music school in Bayport. “They are amazing talents, and just amazing people. It gives me so much faith in the future.”

The CD, featuring 10 new tracks and two remixes, is actually by Jack’s Waterfall, which Licitra says is his project name. It’s the 10th CD under that project name; Licitra has recorded two other CDs.

Licitra said the CD drops on March 15 and that it will be available at Sayville General Store and South Bay Arts Pharmacy, and via Spotify, YouTube and iTunes. He is scheduled to celebrate the CD’s release with a performance at the YMCA Boulton Center in Bay Shore at 8 p.m. on April 25.

The feature track is “This Country’s Gonna Rise Up.” Licitra said it’s a song about unity and hope, “inspired after taking my son to Independence Mall in Philadelphia and realizing the birth of our country, and the risk, and how we have endured.”

The CD was produced by a recording studio in Tennessee, and its tracking was done remotely by Licitra’s student Joe Cordova at Cordova’s home studio. Three other students of Licitra — Lauren Rodriguez, Camryn Quinlan and Katie Schaeffer — provided background vocals

Other tracks on Licitra’s new CD:

“My favorite song on the CD is ‘Love Song,'” Licitra said. “I wrote it for my wife.” Click here to listen to “Love Song.”

“Every True Dancer” is another song on the CD. Click here to check it out.