Roomors owner on the hunt for a new home for her gift shop — in and outside of Babylon Village


After four decades in Babylon Village, Roomors Gifts closed its doors for good on Christmas Eve 2021.

Owner Danielle Vergano caught up with to quash some “rumors” and update the community on what’s next for the village gift shop.

“It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, because none of it was my wanting to do it,” Vergano said about closing Roomors. “It wasn’t about the landlord raising rent at all — I had a lease and he didn’t renew it…I never left on bad terms with my landlord, it was his choice at the end of the day, and I didn’t really fight back on it.”

Vergano began working at Roomors when she was 16, and 18 years later, in 2018, she became the gift shop’s next owner when the previous proprietor, Pat Turner, retired.

Since Vergano took it over, she said she has faced some obstacles, such as temporarily shutting down when COVID-19 first hit Long Island.

But, she said she isn’t giving up on Roomors just yet — she’s already on the hunt for a new storefront.

“I feel like I’m always climbing an uphill battle and just keep getting knocked down…I’ve been wanting this for so long,” Vergano said. “I’m desperately trying to stay in Babylon Village because this is our home, it’s where we’ve been for 41 years.”

Although she has not found a location yet, Vergano says she’s looking forward to making the new Roomors “her own.”

If she can’t find a space in Babylon Village, she says she is keeping her options open by looking at nearby communities that prove to be a good fit for the gift shop.

She said she isn’t looking for anything larger or smaller, but a space that is about the same size as the 750-square-foot original Roomors. She also doesn’t plan on changing the name of the store because of its strong recognition and following.

Vergano added that she misses working at Roomors and her work family “tremendously.” She’s hoping wherever the new gift shop lands in the future, its loyal supporters will follow.

“I just can’t wait to reopen again, I miss everybody — the regular customers and seeing the new faces,” Vergano said. “It’s something I had known about long enough before I made the announcement, so I had my time to grieve it. At the end of the day, the decision was made for me and I’m handling it the best I can.”

Continue to follow for updates on Roomors and its future reopening.

Top: Exterior of Roomors on Deer Park Avenue in Babylon Village. Photo courtesy of the gift shop’s Facebook page.