Vegan deli Clementine’s opens in Sayville


Vegans and meat-eaters alike “vegged out” Friday at the grand opening of Clementine’s Plant Based Deli & Bakery in Sayville.

Plant-based goodies practically flew off the shelves as a steady stream of customers clamored to get a first look — and taste — inside the vegan eatery at 4836 Sunrise Highway.

Clementine’s is the dream of Cira Jones and her daughter Chloe made into a reality, and driven by their love for vegan baking and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Chloe Jones, 36, says she fell in love with plant-based baking because it was a “challenge,” and she believes it’s important to make food you can eat without wondering what’s in it.

Hence their slogan: “Helping to heal our planet, one meal at a time.”

“My mom was always into this lifestyle, so I grew up with that,” Chloe Jones said. “Then when I became a mother, it became something that I really came into and I fell in love with baking, and then from there, I knew I wanted to give my kids the best food.”

Chloe Jones says they chose to open Clementine’s in Sayville because they live in the town.

She said they long searched for the perfect location, then found out about after sharing their vegan deli and bakery idea with the owners of one of her and her mother’s favorite clothing stores, Eva.

The boutique owners happen to own the strip of stores where Eva is located, and had a vacancy next door.

“Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming,” Chloe Jones said. “It’s awesome.”

The food at Clementine’s is all vegan and plant-based, and the vegan eatery is kicking off with a special opening weekend menu. 

It started off Friday with vegan takes on classic comfort foods, including a veggie burger, Chik’n sandwich, grilled “cheese,” and oat milk soft serve ice cream.

Saturdays are Mexican-themed, with vegan versions of empanadas, tacos, rice and beans, and street corn.

Vegan Italians can rejoice in a plant-based Sunday meal of baked ziti, chik’n parmigiana, eggplant panini, and “not fritto misto.”

Clementine’s also has an assortment of vegan cakes, pies and cookies in their bakery section. 

Chloe Jones said the vegan community “always show up for each other,” and are always excited to have more options.

Jason Pastore and his wife Raena said that they drove about a half-hour from their home in Smithtown just to try Clementine’s.

Jason Pastore enjoyed “The Big Clem,” an impossible burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and special sauce, while his bride had the Chik’n sandwich, both of which the vegetarian couple said were “out of this world.”

“This kind of place makes us so happy,” Raena Pastore said. “Anything plant-based is so hard to come by.”

“We find plant-based places sporadically here and there,” Jason Pastore said. “But when we saw this place had a whole menu that was plant-based, we knew we had to come here.”

This weekend, Clementine’s will be open Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. -3 p.m.

“I’m so excited,” Chloe Jones said. “I just want to keep giving out good food and good vibes, and it’s fun seeing people try new things.”

Below is a peak inside Clementine’s and their vegan goodies:

Top: Mural inside of Clementine’s.