Slithery surprise: 14-foot python found dead along Medford road


A monstrous snake measuring 14 feet was discovered lifeless on a roadside in Suffolk County on Valentine’s Day, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed.

After reports of a colossal serpent on the loose, officers Robert Kaufherr and Emilio Zullo discovered the reptile “curled up in a ball” along a road in Medford.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered it was deceased and was “appropriately disposed of it.”

The daring duo identified the snake as a reticulated python — a creature that’s completely off-limits for keeping as a pet in New York, unless you’re packing a Dangerous Animal License.

Reticulated pythons, which are native to Southeast Asia, are the longest snakes in the world.

The DEC said an investigation is currently underway to determine the owner of the slithery outlaw.

Top: Officer Robert Kaufherr with the 14-foot python spotted alongside a roadway on Long Island, New York. (Credit: NYDEC)