T.J. Finley’s Oktoberfest and its glorious return to Bay Shore this September

T.J. Finley's Bay Shore

The big annual Oktoberfest at T.J. Finley’s in Bay Shore is back, baby.

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Last year, the event was virtual. But now it’s time to dust off your dirndl dress or lederhosen shorts because the date is all set for Saturday, Sept. 25, from 3 to 9 p.m, when Finley’s Oktoberfest returns in full swing.

People from near and far head to the Main Street mainstay pub and its outdoor Biergarten each year for Oktoberfest.

“This is our favorite event, really, because of the spirit of the event,” said T.J. Finley’s co-owner Drew Dvorkin. “Generally speaking, the sun is shining — it’s a daytime event and everyone loves day-drinking — and people come in large groups so they’re gathering with their friends. It’s such a celebratory day.”

2021’s installment will also have a cathartic feel to it, given how long people were told to stay away from one another due to COVID.

“It’s especially important this year because people haven’t been able to gather and interact and find comfort in one another as they have in years past,” Dworkin said.

Here’s the deal

How it works is simple. For $25, each ticket-holder gets a food item, typically a big Bavarian pretzel or a bratwurst, a stein (their choice of size), and that stein gets filled once free with Hofbrau. There’s also a stein-holding competition with prizes. Traditional German music gets piped through the place throughout the event.

This is the 14th annual Oktoberfest at T.J. Finley’s. Click here now for your tickets.

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