The Bean coffeehouse chain is adding a new location to Islip


The Bean coffeehouse chain is brewing up a new location, this one in on Islip’s Main Street.

Co-owner Sal Gervasi confirmed to GreaterBayShore the Bean team purchased The Viking Pub at 176 Main Street and plans to transform the local dive bar into a coffeehouse.

“We want to develop the property and beautify the area,” Gervasi said. “Now it’s a matter of getting through to town hall, which they are very much in love with the idea.”

If everything goes to plan, this location will be different than the other Bean locations: it will have a drive-thru.

This is all pending approvals from the Town of Islip, says Gervasi.

And if he does get the green light, he said this will be the first independent coffeehouse chain on Long Island with a drive-thru.

The Islip Bean is set to become the fifth Bean location on the island, along with Bay Shore, Patchogue, North Babylon, and the original in Babylon Village.

The co-owner said a long-time manager within the Bean family is in talks to take the reigns of the Islip Bean.

“This is what’s been created is the employees, they come, they work hard, and when they put in the time, they get their own store,” Gervasi said.

The goal is to launch the Islip location within the year, added Gervasi.

Continue to follow GreaterBayShore for updates on the construction of the Islip Bean and an official opening date.

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