Boutique Beat: Two mysterious Laurel & Hardy pieces



The owner of Mother’s Movies in Patchogue doesn’t know who made his two Laurel & Hardy pieces.

He doesn’t know how old they are. Heck, he doesn’t even know what they’re made of.

“Some kind of plaster,” guessed Roger Passero. 

He found the first piece at a flea market in Canada. And after getting such a good response from displaying it in his South Ocean Avenue store’s window, he went back north and grabbed another one.

“The guy put another one out and the same idiot came and bought it,” he joked.

Each piece stands about 2 feet tall and depicts the comedy duo sitting on a park bench and gesturing.

They weren’t for sale at first, but now Passero is selling them for $350 each.

He’s confident someone will buy them.


“People just like Laurel and Hardy,” he says.