The Hero Joint in Patchogue and Bay Shore is leading the way by slashing prices

The Hero Joint

Here’s something you don’t see every day. 

At least not nowadays.

The Hero Joint sandwich shops in Patchogue and Bay Shore are slashing prices.

“We, like many places, had to raise our prices to keep up with the inflation rocket ship,” said owner John Murray, III. “There wasn’t any enjoyment in this for us, as with many food and beverage operators.”

That’s all about to change, with Hero Joint prices being chopped across the board by varying amounts, with some sandwiches and other menu items being reduced by a full 20 percent.

Murray explained that chicken in particular is costing him less lately.

“Chicken specifically made for a tough year,” he said, “ … with millions of chickens getting wiped out, along with other supply chain factors. But that all now appears to be cooling off.”

“So, we are happy we can reduce chicken items; we sell so much.”

 And quality will not be compromised, he promised.

“We always viewed The Hero Joint as a family friendly place to get a superior quality sandwich without having to go to a full-scale restaurant,” Murray said.

Inflation made the concept trying, however.

Murray listed just a few items that had skyrocketed in price or became unavailable at times over the last year. Those include chicken, bacon, roasted red peppers, cherry peppers, roasting turkey, even takeout bags, to name a few.

Prices were raised accordingly, but what Murray doesn’t want is anyone priced out.

“Our quality and portion size puts us on the higher end of the pricing matrix by nature, but we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our food and flavor,” he said.

In store-prices and third-party app prices have all been adjusted accordingly.

“I just want folks to realize that these have been unprecedented times,” Murray said. “We monitor the commodity markets closely, but for quite a while we couldn’t keep up with the market prices on so many things. We are truly hoping for everyone that things start to stabilize now.

“We just want our flavor to add to your quality of life temporarily. And we always want to thank the community for being so supportive of our mission to deliver the very best sandwiches we can — from the bread up.”

If you go

The Hero Joint in Bay Shore is located at 182 W. Main St., across from St. Patrick’s R.C. Church. The address for the Patchogue location is 74B E. Main St., but it’s a bit harder to find. The front entrance is locate in the rear parking lot, next to the rear entrance of the Patchogue-Medford Library. You can also access The Hero Joint through the Kilwins location on East Main Street, across from the theater.

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Photo Credit: Benny Migliorino/Benny Migs Photo