The Hero Joint introduces ‘small bird’ cutlets for the best chicken ever

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The Hero Joint in Patchogue is elevating its chicken game, big time. 

And they’re doing it by downsizing the chicken.

Sounds funny, but owner John Murray III, just announced THJ is now exclusively using top-grade chicken cutlets from smaller birds.

“Most commercially available chicken that gets distributed is harvested from larger chickens,” Murray explained. “They’re plumped up big and give you nice, big cutlets.

But they also tend to be rubbery at times, dry, or tough.

“You never want a tough piece of chicken,” he said.

Not many places are using smaller birds, Murray said. Though he knows of one big national chain he didn’t want to name. “I will say they’re famously closed on Sundays,” he told us with a wink.

The Hero Joint started using the small-bird cutlets earlier this month.

“These are juicier, more tender, and they cook up so nicely,” he said. “But it’s pricey. that’s why not many places are doing it. I took one bite and thought, this is worth every penny.

“I should have designed the menu for more profit, but I’ve yielded it to quality. With stuff like this I’m taking it to another level.”

Try it now. Tap here and order online for pickup or delivery.

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