The story behind Thai Station Café, now open in Babylon Village


It’s been a busy year for Rukjai Prommasa. 

Last summer, she launched a food vendor business called Bangkok Street Food at Jones Beach Amphitheater, and to fanfare.

It proved so popular, Prommasa realized the time was now to go full brick and mortar.

Fast forward just a few months, she searched the Island, rebranded and established Thai Station Café in Babylon Village, which opened its doors in February near the LIRR station. (Hence the name.)

Prommasa, also a Babylon resident, told Greater Long Island the bustling South Shore village was an obvious choice.

“After living in this area for three years, I didn’t see any authentic Thai food,” she said.

“We’re the only spot in the area.”

How it happened

Food offerings from the new Thai Station Café in Babylon. (courtesy photos)

After moving to Long Island in 2021, Prommasa joined Marriott Hotels. She worked as a chef and, later, gained her connections to Jones Beach. When she was strongly pushed to bring her food back to the theater this year, she decided instead to open up her Babylon spot instead.

But the Thai Station Café story goes back much further than Prommasa planting a flag at Jones Beach, as you might imagine.

She boasts 15 years’ worth of experience in high-end restaurants, and within the hospitality industry as a whole.

For one, she served as a sushi chef for 13 years at Bar Masa, a Michelin star-rated restaurant in New York City.

And her inspiration for Babylon came mainly from Bar Masa.

“Everything had to be authentic and stand out,” she said, with no room for compromise.

Well over a decade later, her goal is to help Thai Station Café stand out, not just in Babylon but across the South Shore.

If you go

Rukjai decided to take a café approach for her restaurant to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She wanted it to feel like a home.

The noodle dishes have already proven popular at Thai Station Cafe with Pad Thai and Drunken Noodle emerging quickly as the most popular go-to orders.

For those who like seafood, she highly recommends The Lobster Pad Thai to anyone willing to listen.

The full menu is available here.

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