Three lobster bashes to try at Greater Patchogue restaurants




Newsflash: Lobsters aren’t just for prisoners and indentured servants anymore.

OK, so the transition from “poverty food” to the country’s most revered shellfish happened quite awhile ago.

We’re sure many of us still long for the days lobsters were so plentiful they were used as fertilizer and fish bait — just so we could haul some off to a vat of boiling water on the side of the barn.

Those days are gone.

Maybe someday lobsters will go back to being served behind bars. In the meantime, here are three very different Greater Patchogue area restaurants that offer lobster specials, in no particular order:

The Fish Store (Bayport): Lobster Jam on Wednesdays

Here’s the deal:

1 1/4 lb lobster for $12.99

1 1/2 lb loster for $18.99

1 1/4 lb seafood stuffed lobster for $16.99

1 1/2 lb seafood stuffed lobster for $22.99

Make it a complete dinner for just $3 more. Dinner includes garden salad and baked potato.

Dublin Deck (Patchogue): Reggae Lobster Bash on Thursdays

Here’s the deal:

1 1/4 lobster with shrimp, scallops, clams and mussels in a Blue Point Toasted Lager steamed broth, with potatoes and corn for $25

A similar meal, called the Splat Bucket, is available other nights of the week for $29.

Avino’s Italian Table (Bellport): Summer Lobsterfest 2015 on Mondays

Here’s the deal:

Lobsterfest Dinner: Whole 1 1/4 lobster with oven roasted potatoes, corn on the cob for $21

Summer Lobster Stack: Chilled shelled lobster, tomato, red onion, shredded mozzarella, salad greens, crisp pasta squares, red wine vinaigrette for $21

Super Stuffed Lobster: Stuffed with crab, shrimp and scallops, parmesan, peppers, onion topped with mozzarella, with roasted potato, corn on the cob for $30

South Shore Clam Bake: Whole lobster, clams and mussels, roasted potato and corn on the cob for $28

East End Lobster Roll: Classic lobster salad on a toasted potato bun with crispy fries and slaw for $21

Lobster Alfredo: Plum lobster meat, parmesan cream sauce, fettucini, fresh tomato for $22

* Larger lobsters are available with one day’s notice, add $12 per pound. Lobsters are subject to market price and could change without notice. To ensure your lobster is waiting please call and let Avino’s know you’re coming.

Do you know of another great local lobster deal? Be sure to mention it in comments.

Photo: Live lobsters fresh from the tank at The Fish Store in Bayport. (Credit: Michael White)