The Town of Islip celebrates the opening of its new animal shelter


The Town of Islip celebrated its brand-new animal shelter with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning, Friday, in Central Islip.

“It was time,” Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter said of the new facility at 200 S. Technology Drive. “[The original Town of Islip shelter] served us well for many, many years providing a safe and nurturing space for dogs and cats and many other species until they were adopted into their forever home, but like everything else, change was needed.”

The project cost $9 million, funded through a combination of state grants and town-issued municipal bonds, according to reports.

Prior to the Central Islip spot, the Town of Islip Animal Shelter was located at 210 S. Denver Ave. in Bay Shore — since its start in 1964.

“We started this project probably a month before COVID hit, so we worked all through COVID and that’s a credit to all the contractors who pushed through their work,” said Martin Bellew, DEC Commissioner. “We were delayed a little bit, but considering what happened, we did a phenomenal job.”

The new facility is 3,000 square feet larger than the other space, ADA-compliant, energy-efficient, and features state-of-the-art equipment that enhances the experience for staff, visitors, and animals.

There are four viewing rooms for those looking to adopt and visitors can look into both the puppy suite and cat sanctuary right as they walk into the lobby.

An all-inclusive, modern veterinary suite for minor medical procedures is also on site.

Visitors can expect to see 82 spacious kennels, a large outdoor space for dogs to run around and play, separate kennels for aggressive dogs, and for animals who need to be quarantined.

Those who worked on the project created a place that not only provides a better quality of life for the animals but for the staff and volunteers who make it all happen.

“We all know what our pets mean to us,” said New York State Assemblyman Phil Ramos. “They’re part of our family.”

Scroll down for photos of the Islip Animal Shelter below and to see the furry friends up for adoption.