Video: A magical soccer goal for a student with special needs in Sayville


This was all about Liam — and the power of sports and community.

In a beautiful life moment captured on video Thursday during a middle school soccer game between teams from Sayville and William Floyd, Liam Keane, an eighth grade student with special needs, scored a goal he will never forget.

The video, recorded by a parent at the Sayville middle school field and supplied by William Floyd School District, says it all. Click below to watch it:

Liam Keane’s amazing goal.

In the video, Liam cranks a shot past the William Floyd goalkeeper, only to see the ball ricochet off the right post.

But then Liam gathers the ball with his left foot, swivels to face the net, and uses his right foot to slam the ball into the back of the net.

Liam doesn’t stop at soccer. He runs track, wrestles and lifts weights.

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