We found the best caramel apples on the island at Kilwins Babylon


No one will ever chip a tooth biting into these caramel apples.

Nor will the caramel slide off the fruit.

That’s because Kilwins’ caramel apples are a thing of absolute perfection. Kilwins also knows, as any caramel apple aficionado does, that Granny Smith apples are a must.

“The sweetness of our proprietary caramel pairs well with the crisp Granny Smith apples we use,” says John Murray, III, owner of Kilwins chocolates and ice cream at 130 Deer Park Ave. “People love them also, mainly, because this isn’t mass-produced, hard caramel.”

While the apples are popular and available all-year, fall is when they really fly off the shelves.

“People also get a kick out of the process of making them, which we do regularly,” Murray added. “You can be in the store or look through the window and there we are, slowly boiling our caramel in our open kitchen, then dipping and dunking. And, of course, it smells like absolute heaven in here when that’s all happening.”

There are eight different types of caramel-dipped apples at Kilwins rolled in a variety of nut options and chocolate drizzles.

“We also have an extremely popular sea salt-covered chocolate caramel apples,” Murray added.

Murray and his teams have also been packaging them up as wedding favors.

“We once did a 500-piece wedding order,” he said. “And we’ve been the ‘apple for the teacher’ several times. While you can find caramel apples anywhere, these are just the absolute best.

“And the only place to get them is Kilwins.”

photos below by Satin Widrow

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