What to expect from the new halal spot coming to East Islip this winter


Mohamed Siraj Salahudeen knew when he decided to open his second halal spot on Long Island, he wanted to honor his father, who passed away in October. 

Well next month, his tribute and next restaurant venture will become a reality. 

That’s when he will launch Salah’s Halal Food at 103 West Main Street in East Islip.

“This name is very sentimental for me,” said Salahudeen on naming his restaurant after his late father, Salah.

Salahudeen has 30 years of restaurant experience and previously owned a halal-Italian restaurant called The Olive Tree in Manhattan, which has been closed for some time. 

“I am the first guy to open the first halal-Italian in New York City,” he said. “We make our own pasta, we created a different restaurant atmosphere and people love it.” 

He later went on to start the Salah brand at 95 Commack Road in Commack, which is also under renovation.

As far as the food goes, it consists of a of sandwiches and other traditional, halal dishes, said Salahudeen.

Salahudeen is an avid motorcyclist, he said, so each sandwich will be named after a motorcycle as a nod to his hobby, as well as the motorcycle groups he is a part of. 

Like Super Glide from Harley-Davidson, which would include halal bacon, grilled chicken, and other fixings. 

Another sandwich called Venom, after a Velocette motorcycle, has more of a kick — it has chicken breast, halal bacon, sliced jalapeno, and other toppings. 

“It’s not going to be a regular sandwich, I’ll be making it a different way,” he said. “Everything will be healthy, nothing fried or anything, and the price will be affordable.”

Salah’s will be mostly a takeout place, which Salahudeen decided would be best because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the atmosphere will have some seats, but it will be like an upscale- style fast-food experience. 

He plans on opening several other locations and expanding the Salah name in the future. 

“I think I can succeed in this business because nowadays, everybody wants fast food,” he said. “Everybody is anxiously waiting for us.”

Check back in with GreaterBayShore for an update on the new halal place coming to East Islip in January.

Top: The exterior of Salah’s Halal Food in East Islip