20 Photos: Islip’s Main Street was packed for its annual fall festival


Fairies, princesses, super heroes, clowns and Ninja Turtles ran amuck on Main Street in Islip Sunday at the Fire Department’s 12th annual Main Street Fall Festival.

Face-painted children and pumpkin-beer drinking adults ate cotton candy, played carnival games and shopped around at various vendors for several blocks on the breezy autumn Sunday.

Those daring enough could sing karaoke on one end of the street while the horns from Tradewinds, The Band rang through the air at the opposite end of the festivities.

The festival is the Islip Fire Department Hook and Ladder Co. 1’s chance to raise funds and reconnect with the community after the festival was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have auctions going on, we have a big raffle, a 50/50,” Dave Epstein, a former fire department captain and chairman of the festival, said. “Our main goal is to get people out on the street and help the community actually do business for the day and bring people out on the town.

“We have beautiful weather and a busy street. Hopefully a lot of money will go into the businesses around town.”

Scroll down to explore 20 photos taken at the festival. Please click the 2, 3, 4 and 5 boxes to view them all.

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